Le Tour on Ze Google Earth

Tour de France is an annual event held in france where participants from round the world compete in one of the most gruelling cycle races on this planet. Last 7 years had been dominated by Lance Armstrong which is amazing as he did it after recovering from cancer.

Now, with the use of Google Earth, you can check out the route they take ! You can download the kml file , and view using Google Earth. Here’s a couple of screenshots to get you interested !

The entire route

Through the mountains

~ by Vibhu on July 5, 2006.

One Response to “Le Tour on Ze Google Earth”

  1. Google earth is amazing as it gives a 3rd dimension perspective on physical things on earht. Here in london i use it to chart a way if i want to go somewhere.I feel Google is the new ‘IN’ company as was MS when we were just out of college.Vishal

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