Kundapur Trip – April 2003

16 bikes .. 1100kms ... 3 days

Planning for the trip.
Day 1 - Onwards Fellow Men and Gals
Day 2 - We Go Off Road
Day 3 - The Race back home

Planning for the trip

16th April 2003

7:00 pm. Bangalore.
Bullet club meeting . I rushed from the office to Fanoos for the meeting. Since I was going with the bangalore-bullet group for the first time, I did not know anyone, and thought it would be a good idea to meet up. Loafed around the place till Rocky showed up.. the only guy i knew from before. We generally chatted up with the group, and also had some chiken rolls... yum ! Also met up with Arun, who was going to be the other guy on the CBZ.

17th April 2003.

Day before the trip. Did all my packing. I wanted to take my jacket along, but was not sure how hot it was going to be, so decided to take my rucksack instead of the bag I normally tie to my bike, in case i needed to store my jacket. However I was not sure whether the bag would stay on the bike, or due to the overhang, get disbalanced. So, at 10pm, i left home to do a trial high speed run on airport road. The bag was half empty, so ample space for my jacket if need be. There was no problems with the bag. I felt confident about taking it along.


Day 1 - Onwards fellow men and gals !

8th April 2003
5:00am Wake up call from Rocky. We agree to meet at airport road petrol bunk on Airport road at 5:50am. Actually Rocky wanted to meet up at 5:45, but I was too sleepy, so he gave me a leeway of another 5 mins.

6:00 Start from petrol bunk. I thought that Rocky would be already there, but i beat him to the bunk by about a minute.

6:20 Reached mekri circle. Already a few guys were there. but more than half the gang was missing. I saw the pulsar.. walked up to it and pointed to it and said "whose?". I knew Raj was gonna be coming with us, but had not met him before. A slim guy, with a blue denim jacked stepped forward - "vibhu?". So, finally i get to meet Raj, who a couple of days before had travelled all the way from Hyderabad to Bangalore, and now was going to go with us to Mangalore. Arun really disappointed me. He was supposed to be coming on a CBZ, but instead came on a RD.
Mekri Circle

6:45 After a brief photosession we start. People took notice when about 12 bikes roared off in the early morning.

7:30 We reached Nelamangala... from where we take the left turn to get onto NH48. We wait for Adrian and the RD guys to join us. People had some chai and general gupshup. Finally , in a flurry of engine revs the others joined us. We started off . 16 bikes.

8:15 Breakfast stop at Kunigal ! Well, to tell the truth, i would not have been writing about this if it was not for the huge idlis dished out at this place. Huge is a small word for the size of idlis we had... they were monstrous ! Pity no one took photos of it.
10:00 stopped at wayside tree for others to catch up. no group... everyone just ripping. Praveen's bag had given some problem in between. He had tied it with twine which had become lose. Karthik and Kartz also stopped. However Kartz bike was perched precariously so that he had hardly turned to help Praveen when his bulelt 350 topelled over. No harm done except for a broken left rear indicator. We tie up Praveen's bag with a spare pair of bungie chords. (courtesy kirti).

11:20 Stop at kamat. People fill petrol in their bikes. My bike will go on. Abhi's RD is having gear problems. The problem was diagnosed as hardly any oil in the gear box. The oil was chaned at the petrol bunk at kamat, which made abhi very happy and he tested his bike to the limit all through the remaining journey.

11:00 Petrol filled. Oil topped. Cold drinks guzzled. time to move on. we still have a long way to go.

12:10pm Reached Hassan -- and passed it.

1:30 We have hit the ghats for the last 1/2 hour. Lovely winding roads. I just love the winding twisty ways. Stopped in between for about 10mins for some water (hot day), and for others to catch up. Since there was no one for 10 mins, i decided to push on. Reached Sakleshpur in another 10 mins where everyone was waiting. Had icecream and lunch there.

Lonely Road

2:45 Stopped at a suspension bridge. lovely place. After starting from Sakleshpur the bullet gang was planning to go easy on the rolling ghats. But the RD gang had other thoughts, and they decided to rip past the bullet guys. Well, i was also itching to let my bike lose on the ghats so i also picked up speed. Soon left the bulls behind. I was really surprised to catch up with the RD group. Adrian was on a bull 350.. and man, can he ride that monster or what. I know I can really turn my bike , but the way he was leaning his bull was awesome to behold. I have ridden a few bulls, but could never even imagine riding one like that.
After hounding him for a few minuetes, he asked me to pass. Was past him and racing along merrily until i caught up with Abhi. He took one look back at me trying to overtake him, and the race started. I had no idea what speeds we were doing but man were we going fast. On we went for about 10-15 mins until...
Taking a curve too fast, i slipped off the road, hit the inner edge of the road, bounced up, and somehow managed to keep the bike straight and stop just over the outer edge of the road.
Man ! was I happy to be alive... and my bike, except for a small wobble in the front wheel was okay. From then on, i kept to a more sedate pace.

Stop at this bridge

4:10 Reached mangalore. We were supposed to take a diversion so that we would avoid Mangalore, but since the group was widely strung , we decided to reach mangalore and take the road from there. Joy worked on  Praveen's  bull... fixing the tapets.
When I reached, Karthick was already there and he had got a call from Rocky that his bike was punctured. Half the gang went back to help. The remaing went into Mangalore to freak out on icecreams !
My bike went into reserve.

Joy [L] fixing the tapets for Prav[R]

6:10 We finally leave for kundapura. Everyone here and accounted for. But everyone still not going as a group. Sigh ! such a large group, and only 3-4 bikes would be together. No group riding at all!

7:30 Udupi. Raj, who had gone ahead called me up to ask where we were. We met up near a hotel in Udupi, and everyone grouped together. Since no one except Praveen knew where to go, we all moved as a group from now on. 16 bikes... snaking along the highway traffic.

Reached Kundapur . Am i dreaming or what ???? This is a place about which you only hear, or see pics, but never get to visit , and we are gonna stay here ???? I AM dreaming !
The house is a huge one. 2 storied... open kinds... no seperate rooms. Beds everywhere... even on the balcony, which me, Karthick and Gurjeet reserve for our use ! The beach is barely 50 mts away ! Gleeful shouts of "I love you Praveen" are heard...


Day 2 - We go off road

6:30am Awake. The beach is very inviting... white sands... ocean.. have to get out.
Man, this place is fantastic.
The water is at low tide. The sand in the area between the high tide and low tide is surprisingly very firm. Your feet hardly make any impression on the packed sand. The natives are out on the beach collecting molluscs and other sea delicacies. We soak in the sea for a major part of the morning.

View from the bed
10:30 Raj had heard about this place called Kodichadri, and wanted to investigate it. He told me about this and I immediately said yes. We asked other people, but most of the people were having a hangover with lastnight's drinking binge ;-). Finally sardarji said okay, he would come along... and I don't think that he ever regretted that decision ! We decide to move out.

10:45 We reached Kundapura and stop for a cold drink. The day is pretty darn humid. We called up Ashok from there to ask about the route as he had a good idea about it. When we got though to him, he thought that we were on the way and hung up ! :-(. Around this time Raj tried to pay for the drinks, and to his horror discovered that he was not having his wallet. He just had to go back for it  !

11:30 We loafed around for sometime. Raj was taking an inordinately long time to come back. Finally I thought I might as well try out the G's Bull 500. So took it for a spin. Everything on the bull is opposite to my bike. The brakes are on the left, the gears on the right. First goes up, the rest down... darn ! Anyway I took of with the bike, and after a couple of break testing stops, finally got the hang of it. Roared away merrily to around 80kmph, before turning back. Raj had also returned by this time and we went off.

1:00pm Reached kolur.
The way up was great ! absolutely sparse traffic , except for busses and jeeps packed with people taking the pilgrimate to the temple at Kolur. We had stopped for about 20 mins in between. Gurjeet was saying that he was not feeling very well.. kind of like his head was spinning. Raj immediately took out an Electrol packet (the only one he had left), and we made G drink it. After 10mins more, he was feeling okay, and we took off. Throughout we maintained the group... Raj in lead, then G and then me.
The temple was filled to capacity. We thought we would go in , but seeing the crowd, we got second thoughts. And then when we got to know that we have go in barechested ... well, me and G decided not to go (apun ka body superstar ke jaisa nahin hai). We asked some policemen about the way to Kodichadri and took off.

Electrol Time [Raj and Gurjeet]

3:30 Reached kodachadri.
The last 9kms was on dirt roads going uphill.We were moving only in 1st and 2nd gear thoroughout... but it was the most enjoyable part. Adventure biking is what Gurjeet called it ! The view from here is just spectacular. It's said that on a clear day we can even see the ships in the sea... but today was a bit hazy. Could not even make out the sea !

The Road ahead... 9kms of it!
4:30 Started back. Photo session. Raj is a pretty good photographer !

The view
At the top [Raj, vibhu, Gurjeet]
Dirt biking [vibhu]
My life is the road

Dirt biking [ gurjeet ]
Dirt Biking [raj and gurjeet]
Rolling Hills

Living on the edge
The long road

5:10 Reached forest check post. 9kms took 40mins.. bikes slipping and sliding down on the loose dirt. Tried to get the guard to take our photos but he could not figure out my camera. sometime technology has disadvantages :-(
At the forest checkpost
5:45 Stop for chai in a small village.
6:30 Reached kollur. another break for tea and cold-drinks.
8:30 Reached back to guesthouse. we had thought we would be back by 4 ! dead tired. The RDs had a drag race on the beach... but in the dark ... reaching speeds of 130+. Everyone checked out each others photos on kartz laptop !


Day 3 - The race back home

5:30 Praveen woke everyone up. Nice cheeful smile this chap has... but I was in no mood to be woken up !
Sunrise at Farmhouse
7:00 Official time to start. no sign of starting. One of the RDs is found to be had a flat tire. Adrian and Sanjay take off to get it fixed.

8:00 Photo shoot. We get the bikes in formation for the shootout. My camera fell (for a minute my heart stopped). It was on tripod and preeti stumbled while going back. No damage to camera.. but the case is a bit bent :-(. Note to myself... don't leave camera on tripod if i am going somewhere .. Murphy's law will take over. Praveen lays down the rules of the road.

8:30 start. And stop. Another round of photos !

Start and Stop
9:30 Stop at petrol bunk. everyone fills up.
12:00pm Break. everyone moving as a group... great !
1:30 Break on the ghat roads. everyone taking photos. the road is good. nice turns. We also locate a monkey on a nearby tree ;-)

The rolling ghats
2:00 Stop for raj at the top of ghats. Raj just wanted to come to this point with us and would be riding back the ghat roads -- lucky guy. I too wanted to go down the same way... but the butt says go on... reach home.

3:15 Reached sakleshpur . Lunch... chicken biryani.
An intersting thing I noticed. The roads were good till we came to a bridge... after which they suddenly deteriorated to about 20 years back. The bridge was probably the demarkation for a district.
Praveen comes up to us and says ... "There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that the bikes are okay. The bad news is that it is beginning to rain."
Thankfully the rain was just a drizzle which fizzled out soon.

4:15 We leave Sakleshpur. The ghats will come to an end soon.

5:10 Reached kamat. Another choti se chai break, as well as topping up the tanks of the guzzlers - RDs and Bulls. Gurjeet's a bit miffed with his bike's milage (Bull500) ... around 25 , but happy with top speed... 130 kmph ! We leave shortly... its getting dark

6:30 Sunset. Awesome. I first saw it in my rear view mirror... the sky turning red. Have to stop for photos.
7:10 Kunnigal. The whole gang is stopped by a chai shop... have some cold drinks and biscuits. Praveen's clutch snapped just as we reached the shop and Joy, the master mecahnic, went to work on it, and in no time had it operational. The insects were beginning to bother us, and it would be a good thing to wait.

7:45 Leave kunnigal.
8:15 Reached Nelamangala . Wooh ! back in bangalore ! We plan for a group dinner, but Rocky and G plan to go off home.
The last few kms were a very fast paced video game... first person perspective. It was done at light speed... dodging the traffic at speeds of 90+ kmph.

8:40 We reach Peenya. The group deciedes to split up. No one has the energy to go for dinner... the lure of hitting the bed is too great !

9:00 Reached home. total distance covered in this trip - 1087kms. Great ! now for the 2000km mark.
Here endeth the trip.

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