Uncencored Me!

Who am I  ? I am spiderman !!

Well, I do wish I was spidey with all those cool webswinging and the super enhanced reflexes. Or even batman with those cool gadgets and the batcave. But alas, I am not.

I am Vibhu.

What does Vibhu mean ? It is the name Lord Krishna is reffered to in the Bhagwat Geeta, and means the force which makes the world go. You can equate it to ‘the force’ from Star Wars, or a hidden higher conciousness. Its the current which connects all living things. Amazing what such a small name signifies.
Since my dad is in the Indian Forest Service, I had the oppertunity to grow up in quite a number of places and have grown up quite a non-conformist. The roots have not yet tethered me down. My schooling was done in a variety of places, but most of my memories are from North Point in Darjeeling (spent 6 years there!) and NGFS in Delhi ( did my 11th and 12th from there). College was from Delhi College of Engineering – one of the best engineering institutes in India ( no idea how I made it there – I never used to study and my mom will vouch for that! ) . Got a campus placement into WIPRO where I worked for 5+ years , almost 2 years in Ruksun, a very short stay of 3 months each in Flectronics and  Microsoft, followed by 2 years working for Good Technology ( later bought my Motorola ) , A year in Symantec and now Working in One97 Communications. In the course of this I have worked in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi NCR, as well as traveled to California and Barcelona. Phew!


I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but alas due to having a weak eyesight, that was not to be. So, now I am into riding bikes … which you would have figured out by now. If not, head over to my Trip Logs section for details on my touring, riding, bike masti etc.

I started by biking ( americans should hereby read biking as motorcycling, case i found out on my trips to the US that biking is actually cycling !) life in the summer of 2000 when I purchased my first bike – the CBZ. This was the bike I learnt all my bike riding skills on, as well as a crash. The crash taught me a very valuable lesson – even though we may be good, accidents do happen, and we need to take proper precautions about it. I even wrote a lengthy article on completion of 4 years with the bike.

Then, in the autumn (or rather the monsoons in india) of 2004, I bought my second bike – the Karizma. This is one of the fastest bikes being produced in India – though a crawler by international standards ! The high point of this bike was that I went on a trip from Pune to Delhi on this. Covered more than 5000kms just riding through some of the fantastic Indian countryside !

I am also involved in a few group activities. I am the owner and moderator of the bikenomads , and moderate the cbz and karizma yahoo groups.


When I am not freaking out with the bikes, I am usually playing games ( err … when I am not in office that is. In office i do some radical work … you can check my resume ).

I am mostly into Role Playing Games (RPGs) and Strategy. My favourite games based on different categories are :


World of Warcraft [ toons : Inglorious, Vansh, Jadugar ]

Role Playing Games (RPG)

Turn Based Strategy (TBS)

Heroes of Might and Magic ( IV is going to be out soon – in 3D!)

Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Tropico 2 : Pirate Cove
Age of Empires (I & II & III )
Age of Mythology

First Person Shooters (FPS)


God Games

Black and White
Settlers IV
Dungeon Keeper
Caesar III ( Caesar IV slated to be out soon!)
Over the years, as I kept adding to my collection, there are a few game development companies which I have started to respect quite a lot. They always come up with games which make you drop your jaw with amazement – it may be the spectacular graphics or some neat game concepts. These are Blizzard , BioWare and Id.

I am also involved in an opensource game development. The game is called Freelords and is a TBS. If you go to their website and check the team tab, you will see my name ! I had coded the map generator and also started the work on the automake system there, and am now working on the Hindi translation. I have not really contributed to the development over the last months because of office work pressures 😦 , but you never know when I will find the time and be involved again ! The game is right now available only on Linux, but a windows port is on the anvil.


I am also a linux geek (#330432).

Linux is not as polished, refined or easy to use as a Windows OS. Then why do I use it ??

  • Linux is free !!!
Linux is free as in you don’t have to pay anything for it. The only money you will have to shell out is for the hardware for your computer system and for the CDs or DVDs on which you can get the Operating system. PCQuest magazine in India started the Linux trend of giving Linux with its CDs. Now, the current distributions like Fedora come in 4 CDs with a plethoria of software to use. For a country like India – this is a boon as it means that you can get a cheap computer with all software loaded and not have to worry about pirating the stuff !

Linux is free as in the code that is used to make the software is free. Now, this is no big deal if you are not a programmer, but , for a certified geek like me – its utopia. Why ? Cause now I can chip in the code and make it work the way I want it to – not the way some bigwigs in a great big company think that I want it. What’s it with people trying to force things on other people !

  • I get lots and lots of applications and don’t have to pay for it.
Lets compare what you get when you install windows and what you get when you install Linux.

So, after you have installed the windows OS you will get a nice graphical environment, notepad and the phone dialer. If you want to do word processing, you will need to buy MS Office ( gawd ! look at the price of that thing! ) . Oh, as part of getting free stuff you also get viruses and worms.

On the otherhand if I am installing linux, I can choose first of all whether I want a server or a desktop machine. The server installation will put in stuff like a web browser (apache), email server, database servers , DHCP server etc. The desktop install will not install these by default, but I can still install them later if I want. Now, lets get on with the installation of the desktop. I get a choice of more than 2 graphical environments to install ! I normally use either gnome or KDE. Then, it comes with all the development tools like the C/C++ compiler ( geeks will drool over it !), a great browser (firefox), an email application (evolution), open office and many many more. All in the same CDs as the operating system itself !

  • Linux is like a game
Seriously ! It is ! Its like a very big RPG game. Instead of playing a character, you are the character. Exploring the code and the filesystem is like exploring unchartered worlds. The infomation you want gets leaked from the grapewine ( newsgroups ) and you keep moving towards your ultimate goal. It is rewarding as you get to know more things and get stuff to work the way you want. And you work as a free mercenary, getting the required things together, killing the bugs, upgrading your weapons ( kernel, compilers etc). Yup, Linux is the best game I have played so far ! 🙂


No no. I don’t mean listening to music. I play a few instruments, notably the harmonica, the piano accordion and the synthesizer. As of now I only have the haromonica and use it during my spare time ( or when the electricity goes off … seems to be happening a lot in Pune! ). Probably I will put up some recording of my playing the instruments, till that time, you will just have to believe that I do play them 🙂

During my stint in WIPRO, I was in the Rock bang TradScabrous as the synth player (though I am not very good at that 😦 ). In wipro I also took part in (of all things) a Fashion Show ! That was fun ! 😀

This in short is who I am.

Still have a few more questions ?! Gawd ! Ok. Ok. Just email me, and I will try and answer your questions !


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