• 11+ years of total work experience in varied fields of Telecommunication, Network Management, Mobile Applications and Security.
  • Worked on complete project life cycles, handling various aspects including software architecting, project estimations and project management.
  • Managed multiple teams in different timezones.
  • Experience in managing multiple projects.
  • Closely worked with sales and operations business units.
  • Suggested and implemented architectural changes leading to improved process efficiency and cost savings to the company.

Technological Experience

This section discusses the technological work that I have done in my career. In the strictest sense of a resume it is a departure from the usual format, but I feel that one is more interested in knowing what a person has done rather than looking at where he has worked and then figuring out the overlaps.

Network Management

  • Most of the experience was in developing systems running SNMP [Wipro]
  • Re-Architected the design for WIPRO’s client to use a distributed SNMP framework using the AgentX protocol with CORBA as a middle layer between various agents written in C++ and Java. [Wipro]


  • Developed an stripped down version of the outdialer on a new voice platform ( Donjin) which improved the call capability for a system from the pre-existing 500 simultaneous calls to a tested 1500 simultaneous calls.
  • Lead a team effort for developing new age BTS solution for Nokia [Flextronics]
  • Designed and implemented a PSTN (PRI-ISDN) to VoIP ( H.323 v1) gateway as part of Center of excellence group [Wipro]


  • Enhanced a generic MMS library for clients to enable support for more media types [Ruksun]
  • Developed an OTA installer for Palm and WinCE devices which improved the installation process and reduces an administrators installation nightmare for new devices. [Ruksun, Good Technology]
  • Developed and enhanced Good Mobile Defense , a security application for mobile devices [Ruksun, Motorola – as part of Good Technology Group]

Social Networking

  • Lead a team developing a social mobile aggregator which would work on WAP. [One97]


  • Worked on enhancing various modules of popular anti-virus engine [Symantec]
  • Worked on limiting access to a mobile device implementing adminstrative policies for it [Good Technology]

Experience in reverse chronological order

  • Engineering Manager in One97 [ April 2009 – Onwards]
  • Development Manager in Symantec [ Nov 2007 – Feb 2009]
  • Project Manager in Good Technology Group in Motorola [Apr 2006 – Oct 2007]
  • SDE in Microsoft [Jan 2006 – Mar 2006]
  • Project Manager in Flextronics [Aug 2005-Dec 2005]
  • Tech Lead in Ruksun [Nov 2003-Jul 2005]
  • Senior Software Engineer in Wipro [Jul 1998 – Oct 2003]

Other Details

  • Owner and Moderator for BikeNomads ( Y!group and Website)
    • Yearly organization of a BN meet in different parts of India.
    • Yearly organization of BN Tshirt printing and Calendars.
  • Part of the Rock group ‘TradScabrous‘ in WIPRO.

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (1998 Batch)

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