Getting in on the Hobbies

I got a mail from an old friend of mine. We used to work together in the distant fog of our work life. It seems that everyone remembers me for biking apart from the work I have done. There was a line in his email which got into my head, and as I was explaining my point of view, it became longer and longer. After the mail was written I thought “Dang ! Thats a long mail – it could be part of a blog post ! ”

And presto, here we are. So, what did my friend write which started me on this …

I keep thinking about you as you do enjoy life along with work & hobbies.

And now for my reply. Hope you can identify with it , and apply it to your life as well ! 😀

There is a secret to having fun with hobbies. I am gonna tell you that 😀

Its simple – you will never have time. You need to make the time for it !

Most of the time we just exist, and go about our daily routing thinking that life will get better and we will have time later to do the things we want to do. Well – that does not happen. So, one fine day, we will realize that we have become grumpy ‘ol men/women !

The secret is that happiness is an ongoing thing. There is never a big chunk of happiness. Also happiness has a weird characteristic – you don’t remember the specifics – just the generics. Unlike Sorrow for instance. You can remember each and every part of the pain you have got – in technicolour details. But Happiness – nah. You will remember being generically happy – thats about it. Maybe one of the highlights of a joyous moment will be left with you – at max !

So, find the time. Take time out from your schedule to do the things you like. You will feel better. It takes a few sacrifices along the way – but what better to sacrifice than what you are not having fun with 😉

You will be able to pull in the 5 mins / 10 mins/ 1 hr every day , but you may not be able to pull in the 1 month that are always waiting for. Its better to have an always ongoing feeling of happiness, rather than wait for the one big event !

Life also follows the 80-20 rule. Most people live the 80 percent life, and leave the 20% on fate/later/laziness/etc . If you can tap into that 20%, in the way you want, you can do much more in life. Some people use the 20% for their work – and become geniuses . Some people use the 20% of their time for charity work – and become philanthropists.  I use the 20% for my hobbies – be they biking or gaming. Find your 20%, and use it for what you want to do.


~ by Vibhu on January 19, 2010.

One Response to “Getting in on the Hobbies”

  1. Нада добавить еще пункт…

    I got a mail from an old friend of mine. We used to work together in the distant fog of our work life…..

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