Netbook Impressions

Desktop, Laptop, Netbook

Desktop, Laptop, Netbook

I always wondered about the netbook hype. How could an underpowered system be something which can be used ? I need the faster laptops. At a time where I am looking at the Macbook Pro or the Asus G50 , I got a chance to get a hands on of the Acer Aspire One , curtesy my MD (from whom I flicked the laptop for the weekend !).

Well, I think I should give the verdict first — the laptop is not for me ! 🙂

Well, I am a poweruser – using the laptop for multiple stuff – multiple websites, Eclipse, word docs, twitter on almost all the time, and fast switching between them. Alternatively I use it for gaming ( though cant use the current one too much as it is not that high spec – and switch to my desktop system at home for serious gaming – World of Warcraft anyone ?)

However, for my wife – who uses it for email, chat and skype – it is an awesome thing.

Onto the review. My impressions. I am going to review based on features.

Battery Life : 6/5

Yeah. You got that right. Its beyond my expectation. The battery life rocks ! It can easily last a whole day in office – which it actually did on friday … and beyond. Just awesome .

Speed 2/5

This comes with WinXP installed. However, the system is so low spec that if you wanna do anything, its better you do it one at a time. E.g. if you open Chrome , IE and a word document, alt + tab takes a while. Totally unimpressed with the speed at which you can do work. In fact, it will keep you twiddling your thumbs if you want to do anything substantial.

Keyboard 2/5

The keyboard is small. Although the documents say that it has a full keyboard, I find myself pressing multiple keys at the same time – leading to a lot of mistakes, and a loss of time if you want to speed type.

Webcam 1/5

Seriously, this has a lousy webcam. 0.3 MP as per the documentation. WTF ! 0.3 MP ? Where are we living ? 1970s ? Due to this, the video is of damn low quality. Talking to my sis on skype, and she immediately asked me why was my video so bad. I mean its ok if you want to make a low priced product – but this is nuts !

Audio 3/5

The inbuilt speakers are squeaky. However, using the headphones gives good sound quality. Also , since the headphone/mic jacks are on the left side, its actually useful. It states its dolby compliant but I dont know how to verify that.

Android 2/5

Ok. Acer snuck in a surprise here. This dual boots into Android – Google’s Phone OS. Now , this is cool and frustrating at the same time.

Booting into Android makes the system run much faster. Its got Firefox (customized for it), and google’s usual stuff like gtalk, and image viewer. However thats about it. Since Android Market is not included – you cant download anything else 😦

The best feature I liked was the talk and mail notifications. Like the phone version, there is a bar at the top which doubles up as the status bar, and you can see what new chat / mail has come. Also its much easier to use the keyboard if you want to switch between chats, or check emails.

Its a neat experiment with Android, but half-baked.

Overall Rating.

Here’s my breakup based on what you want to use the device for.

Web browsing and chat : 5/5

  • +ves  : Great battery life, small size to carry it anywhere

Office work : 2/5

  • +ve : small size to carry it anywhere.
  • -ve : very small screen to effectively work, multitasking becomes slow.

Gaming  : 1/5

  • +ve : nothing
  • -ve : no 3d acceleration, Atom chip makes this device very slow.

Verdict :

Absolutely a great buy if you want to do nothing more than browse the net and chat.


~ by Vibhu on January 9, 2010.

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  1. Между нами говоря, по-моему, это очевидно. Рекомендую поискать ответ на Ваш вопрос в…

    I always wondered about the netbook hype. How could an underpowered system be something which can be used ? I need the faster laptops…..

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