New Year Resolution

That time of the year again.

One needs to decide a new year resolution – its quite the in thing. Resolve in great earnest, till you get up the next morning and promptly forget it again. Some people try to be too clever – they resolve not to resolve – which is still a resolution!

Contemporary resolutions dont work. “I will lose weight”. “I will quit drining/smoking/vellagardi/etc”. Tried and tested to failure.

My thought for the new year though has a resolution.

“I resolve to do atleast one cool thing in a day each day of the year”.

How cool is that 😀 ? So, each day, while brushing my teeth in the morning, I am going to think of what cool thing I will be doing. It can be anything – and since the scope of doing cool stuff is very broad, I am likely to succeed in my little endeavor. It may be writing a new blog post. It may be something uber geeky like checking out the ChromeOS (as far as i know the only guy in my office so far to have done so). It may be learning a new song on the accordion. An update to BN website. A ride. A new clever algo at work. You get it – anything that I can classify as cool.

Join me in being cool ! Pass on the word !


~ by Vibhu on December 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “New Year Resolution”

  1. Just let us know wen there is a ride….
    u already know who would that second person be getting cooler,…..!!

    cheers sir…
    A very Happy new year.

    P.S. y dnt u make a blog featuring vansh only…

    I guess that would also consume a good 4 cool days of ur life…..

  2. all the best! i had a funny experience reg. NYRs, so havent made any since 2006. that year, in one of those moments every1 has sometime, i actually made the resolution of trying to (ahem) look good every day. God obviously thot i was being too ambitious. that year, i had:
    1. two serious bouts of gastroenteritis
    2. chicken-pox
    3. pharyngitis
    4. bike accident (that was ur bike, so u’d remember!)
    5. most gaps in between filled in with viral fever.
    NO WAY i’m making any new year resolutions ever again — even if u think that’s a resolution!!..looking back, it seems weirdly funny, tho…

  3. @Abhinav sure man. I need to get tweety unlocked. Lost the keys 😦

    First weekend of the year looks dicey. There is a ride on at BN and I am in the support – website updates etc.

    Then AutoExpo and Lohri.

    But definitely lets plan something in Jan after Lohri.

    @Ruchika That was one wierd backfiring resolution !

  4. @Abhinav … man I found tweety’s keys. Now to get the bike serviced …

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