The Heat is On

Its HOT.

Let me repeat that.

Its HOT. Really HOT. And its gonna get Hotter!

The screenshot shows the temperature today. The wind blows – hot. Its called लू (loo) in Hindi. It sucks you of energy, makes you want to find shelter out of the sun as soon as you can. The sweat dries off as soon as it forms, hardly giving any respite.

However, I have decided to figure out what can I do about it all. I am planning to start photographing the heat. What I want from you is … give me your thoughts on what the heat brings to your mind. I will try to find those subjects and take pics and see how it goes.


~ by Vibhu on May 1, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Heat is On”

  1. how about ……………….. doing some work instead? 😀

  2. Kya baat kar rahe ho. Kam to chalta hi rehta hai !

  3. we we were young and in school, no matter what the temp be, we were always playing cricket or football. capture school kids playing in the lunch time.

  4. hey, if u can spot the paani wala thela on the bus stop with a haggared black umbrella selling water. Another thing you can photograph.

  5. Great Idea Vishal. Will keep my eyes open for the kids playing. 😀 . Weekend is right up and the ideal time for this kind of lookout. I still remember running after USpecials at 4ppm at Kashmiri Gate. That used to be hot, but somehow we used to bear that. I guess working in A/C offices, travelling in A/C cars , sleeping in A/C rooms has spoilt us. Planning on getting a cooler for the drawing room.

  6. On a hot day, the tar on the road gets melted a bit and road feels all wavy. get a photo of that … it almost seems as if the road is boiling

  7. The wavy heat waves … i don’t know if that can be captured. will try it out.

  8. it is hot yes.. and hot like mad.. when i think of heat – i think of tender coconut (naariyal paani) or shower or.. scorching sun, sweat dripping from the back of my neck.. heat is merciless..

  9. Vibhu:Here are some fun ideas-When I think of summer(heat)i think of the foll-chilling out with nariyal pani in my handsunflowers-(My fav)summer blooms (flowers other than sunflowers)children having a shower out in the open in abandon- Summer fun!!My shadowLittle children’s summer feet (you can capture this beautifully in your camera)Waterdrops on lotus reflecting the rays of the hot sunA stroll by the sea- Beach walkCool and colorful Summer hatA lazy summer day (you decide how would you want to capture this…just a theme that Iam suggesting)The summer sunrise and sunset, afternoon blazing sunChildren jumping into the water on a hot sunny day for some respite from the heat (like you would see near India Gate)Sand dunesSun and shadow roadA little thirsty child drinking water from a roadside tap!Running in the hot sand by the seaA beautiful lady in the swimming pool with her googles on..cooling off the heatGlass of wine against a summery backdropSweaty palms and a sweaty templeMy reflection in the waterWaterdrops trickling from a cold coke bottle.Icecubes Let me know what do you think about it :-)Sukanya

  10. wow ! The suggestions are awesome ! They bring back flashbacks from my memory too ! I am gonna do this project much better now knowing there are people who are there to give me suggestions !

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