A new Experiment

Brahmos is currently doing well at 80, doing a few heroics, getting geared up for naxx. In the meantime I tried playing on a pvp server again – to my utmost frustration.
Anyways, I got tired of being aimlessly killing stuff. For a few days even, I did not play anything. Just taking it light. But , WoW is a fun game and you feel like playing it again.
On top of that I am an altaholic ( people who like alts). But one of the things I realized is that I did not have a high level human alt ! Here’s my high lvl toons :
  • Brahmos lvl 80 Night Elf Hunter
  • NeverHere lvl 70 Dranei Shaman
  • TheDoctor lvl 44 Dwarf Priest
  • RedCat lvl 45 Blood Elf Warlock
No Human ! So, I decided that I would want to roll a human. Then, to give myself a challenge, I decided that it will be on a server where my main is not – as I want to see how much money I can make.
The choices I had were : Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Warlock, Rogue.
I decided on the Paladin. Humans and Knights kind of fit together than anything else. So, I rolled 2 alts on the RP (role-playing normal) server ‘Cenarion Circle’. One is going to be the main – which I named BlackPal – kind of giving a dark feel to a knight. And the other I named as DarkBank ( as in the bank I will have). Following screenshot shows the 2 characters.

Day 1 : BlackPal
The bank also I made a paladin as I don’t want to be lured into playing a different class 😉
The first thing I do after this is to strip off the clothes. No, I am not a pervert, just that the initial clothes are of no use. Paladins wear ‘mail armor’, but everything you get is ‘cloth’. So, removed all that and vendored it off. The character screen now looks like the following – empty.
Off for the quests and dinging is quite easy. Following is the first ding on the character.
At this point, I have enabled very few addons. Just enough to get me by. The following are what I am using as of now :
  • Quest Helper
  • Titan Panel
  • AutomatiX
Now Blackpal dinged lvl 5. Time to get professions. As you can see, I have been gearing her up with drops and quest rewards.

Level 5
In the meantime, she has been killing wolves and kobolds, gathering Mily’s grapes and Red Bandanas from the thugs in the forest nearby.
Level 5 means that now the character can learn … professions ! OnWards towards Goldshire and Stormwind.
Since one of the aims I have is to make lots of money, I am going to go with 2 gathering professions. My choices are skinning and mining. I was wondering whether to go herbalism and mining – but since one can only track either ore veins or herbs, i took skinning and mining.
The remaining money will get me the secondary professions – first aid, cooking and fishing.
Updates of blackpal will keep coming. Wait for future adventures. 🙂

~ by Vibhu on January 5, 2009.

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