Where's Your Main On?

Hello Fellow Indians !

I am just doing a quick headcount for how many people are there playing World of Warcraft who are in India. The unfortunate thing about the google group (wow-india) we are on is that there are no freakin Polls ! Pshaw !
So, I m using this blog to throw across ze question. If you are playing in India, Please take a moment to stop and add to the count.
Another Poll just below it is about wheter you prefer PvP or PvE …
Do leave a comment here if you want to add something particular.

~ by Vibhu on November 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where's Your Main On?”

  1. By PvP/PvE..do you mean Server types? I assumed you mean whether we like PvP (BG/Arenas) or PvE(raids/dungeons)..I would prefer PvP realm – not because I like PvP, but because it gives an extra “edge” while levelling. Its fun, its annoying, but its never boring.

  2. @Xailoh : PvP & PvE realms/servers, and not BGs vs Dungeons.

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