EvE Online – 2nd and 3rd impressions

2nd Impressions :

The 2nd impression was fraught with failure.

Last time I started off as the Minmatar race. A republic. Followed the training sessions. And then continued from where I had left off. This lead to another ‘Agent’ (basically the quest givers) and I had to wrap in space to another solar system. Pretty cool… until I figured out that damn ! I had to load the quest item given to me (it was a courier mission) into the ships cargo hold … oh damn ! warp back again, and back again. nothing to do – just put the ship on Auto Pilot and do something else.

Its boring after a few times.

The next mission I got said it had to be done in 24 hrs ! huh ! A time limit ?? 😦

Unfortunately that does not work for me – with erratic office schedules – there is no way I am sure whether I will be online the next day or not.

There endeth the 2nd session. Not something I wanted to play.

3rd Impression

This time I started on the Amarr Race. An Empire race with a cool looking ship. The MinMatar ships looked unfinished while these ships look good !

This time I figured out that I did not need to take up the mission if I forsee not having enough time the next day. I just don’t accept it – and leave my ship docked in one of the stations. I also figured out that almost everything is menu driven (shame ! bad game design !) and that once I warp to a solarsystem where I have a quest I need to warp to the quest location in the drop down menu. phew ! Much better.

The last mission I did was about meeting a rebel ship who asked me to join his side ! nice ! 🙂

On the whole a nice space simulation. I am still not clear about how good a game it is though. Things are confusing at most times, and this game requires me to lvl up skills – which take days. So, the longer one is subscribed to the game, the better he can potentially become. This seems to be a money gathering option for the game studio.

next blog will do a comparison with WoW – as both games , inspite of being similar are quite different.

oh .. and yes .. I play this on Linux !


~ by Vibhu on September 26, 2008.

One Response to “EvE Online – 2nd and 3rd impressions”

  1. You’re playing EVE as if it was a solo game. It’s not. I never ever use the auto-pilot as you run the chance of becoming the victim of PvPers. Maybe not with high sec mission, but even then you’re playing with fire.And as I mentioned in my reply to your comment on my blog, EVE is an MMO, so get yourself into a player corp and see the REAL game!David “CrazyKinux” Perry

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