Apple is in India

Apple store is now in India !

I just saw the ad in the paper today, and checked out the website. You can check it out at :

The store has the relevant information about each model – damn expensive though 😦 … and no info about the iPhone 😦


~ by Vibhu on March 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “Apple is in India”

  1. How expensive is expensive – I went to and, and configured systems with the same specs – Apple came out about Rs.10K more expensive, for both the mid-range iMac and MacBook. Couldn’t find Dell models with similar specs to a MacBookPro or a MacPro.

  2. Man, thats not too expensive then. but what most people would want is something cheaper, without all the high end specs, which apple does not provide.

  3. hmmm.. so now they will trap people from India into their over-hyped, under-performing, mal-featured (except the macs, maybe), locked-down-like-hell products directly….

  4. and yeah, am happy that iPhone isn’t there. Many people would be saved from whiling away a lo of money on iCrap for atleast some more time

  5. as Shantanu said Apple is all crap. No one uses their products ( at least not in US ) . Its all a hype by few people and the idiots at Apple. I will believe Apple has any worthwhile product when I see a apple laptop or a desktop out of the hundred thousand that our fortune 10 company uses.Not to mention any of the server – will I see it in my lifetime.Iphone is useless – there are too many better devices doing the same thing . Ipod is too much of a fad – better media players available.What is this Apple , Imac , Ibook a few geeks keep on ranting about.Eat your Apple . At least your body will be healthy ( if not the mind )

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