Chai at Lonavala

BN At Lonavala

Planned to go to Chandni Chowk (the pune one, not the delhi one), and ended up at Lonavala… last night was a good ride 😀

The initial plan was just to go to CC, as nalin (on CBZ) had come over. But then got a call from Ashvin that KJ from cramster was in town. With Nav also dropping in with a loaned RTR, decided to head to MG road. Praveen also was going to join up with US. Met up with KJ at Diamond restaurant , a seedy kind of joint which offers Beer on MG, and suddenly the plan materialized to go to Lonavala. Called up Praveen to not to come to MG, and hold on as we would be gonig the same way.

While going, we stopped at 4 places, RTO (to fuel up), Baner (to get helmet for KJ, and gloves for myself), Joshi Vada (sync with Praveen), Talegaon (for Nalin, as he had gone to change). Reached Lonavala at 10 mins to 1am. RK was closed so decided to go to the bus station for some chai and vada pavs.

The ride back was one straight rip. Reached home at 2:30am.

Nice. 😀


~ by Vibhu on December 21, 2007.

One Response to “Chai at Lonavala”

  1. man, a spontaneous nighjt trip.. awsome 🙂

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