WoW : Halloween

The game developers have incorporated many real life events into the game. Right now , it is Halloween, known as Hallow’s end in the game. Some screenshots from it.

This is the headless horseman. His head periodically falls off, and you have to kill it first otherwise it gets back onto the horseman and you have to again go through the fight.

The loot ? I got this cool flying broom on which I can ride for 14 days . Very harry potterish if you ask me.

Trick or Treat with a difference. Every hour, you can talk to an innkeeper to get a trick or treat. Treat usually gives some goodies which help recovering your health ingame. Trick is the spiffy one, which changes how you look for a duration of 1min to 1hr. Here, i am a mini-diablo (another of Blizzard’s game). Right next to me is my pet lion (hunters tame pets to fight with them !). Other changes I have been are serpent, a glowing wisp, ninja, skeleton, a bat.


~ by Vibhu on October 30, 2007.

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