l33t talk

Most people by now are ok with the sms talk. 4 xmpl : ut ?

However, I recently came across the l33t talk ( leet talk) … and I predict this may also become part of our future talk, cause most of the kids who will be tomorrows workers are getting a healthy talk of this.

l33t talk is the shorthand of online games. I play WoW and this is where I am picking up these things, and oh boy, they can be applied so easily to everyday life. So, here goes a small dictionary of the leet talk.

133t : Elite
In the game many of the monsters are elites, which means that for the same level as you, they are 2-3 times more tougher. Now, elite is too long to write, so it got converted to leet … which got converted to 133t ( e=3) . Normal day usage would go like :” I own a zma, but oh man … the busa is l33t!”.

woot ! : expression of joy
Derived from loot + wow + other expressions of joy. Now, in the game, when you kill a l33t he drops some loot. It ranges from somthing mundane to something amazing. When you get something amazing, its like omg ! amazing ! i got it ! . That’s when you say woot ! e.g. on my character Brahmos, I have the ‘Greaves of Desolation’ which dropped after killing a l33t – woot !

wtf : what the f***
No explanations needed. Its quite prevalent.

omg : Oh My God
The phrase probably made famous from the FRIENDs series. Too long to write it is now abbreviated to omg. Notice no use of ‘.’ . e.g. “OMG! the new 200 fork cracks !”

ty : thank you.
Well, you thank people who help you.

gg : Good Going !
said to people who have played well. usually said after running an entire instance. Real life usage : “GG Hitanshu for making it to Leh!”

gtg : Good To Go.
This one flummoxed me a bit initially as I work in the Good Technology Group (gtg) 😉 . Its basically said by people who are travelling to the same destination, usually to play instances or raids.

omw : On My Way
Again a team talk. I am on my way

k : OK
ok is small. k is smaller.

ftw : For the Win !
Its usually to show supremacy. E.g. “ZMA FTW !” (would mean the same as ZMA rules !)]

n00b : new person
Normally a new person is called newbie. This got converted to Newb, to noob to n00b (its got zeroes instead of ‘o’ similar to the substitution in l33t). E.g. “That n00b on the 200 could not take the curve and crashed!”

Thanks for going through an irrelevant post which I just felt like making 😉

Vibhu FTW you N00B!


~ by Vibhu on May 31, 2007.

One Response to “l33t talk”

  1. oh please.I learnt all this back in the 2600 days, of begging for NIC passwords, and free dialup and other hajaar things. That was ’99. You my friend, are very very late!!

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