For your desktop

I am not a very good photographer, but sometimes, I amaze myself ! Click on he pic to get the big view and set as your wallpaper 😀


~ by Vibhu on September 14, 2006.

2 Responses to “For your desktop”

  1. what software tool do u use to copyright ur pic?Vishal

  2. My choice usually stems from something I have used on Linux – no issues of pirated software ! :-)I use Gimp for any manual editions to the pics. For instance, this pic I was just going to add a name with a drop shadow. It is also available on Windows if you want to try out. It like Adobe Photoshop , but maybe not as easy to use. However, since I have been using it for sometime, i find it quite convenient.Usually I use ImageMagick as it allows me to write scripts for changing the size and adding text onto the pics. Really useful for quick batch editing of trip photographs. I would say go for gimp if you dont have the bucks to shell out for Adobe Photoshop.

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