Top 10 cameras on Flickr

Everyone knows about flickr right ? One of the most popular online image storage sites. Upload your images and share with your friends kind of thing, which is quite convenient to use. Yeah, even I use it.

Ever wondered the cameras that are the most popular with people ? What are the top 10 cameras being used by the people ? Now you can know ! Check out :

My camera is ofcourse not on the listing 😦 . Its actually now out of production after just 3 years or so, so I cannot even link it here !

Another interesting feature on flickr is that you can now geotag your photos ! What does it mean ? Well, basically if you have taken a pic in some location, you can add the info about the place to the pic and it will show up on the map for that location. Very cool to keep track of the pics from a particular place like say Delhi 🙂


~ by Vibhu on September 13, 2006.

2 Responses to “Top 10 cameras on Flickr”

  1. heymy camera is on that camera list and thanks to u, u had recommended that camera. I have uploaded couple of snaps taken from Canon Power Shot S2 IS. Have a lookVishal

  2. Congrats!Next camera for me is to be a D-SLR. I dont know which one or when, but if I have to buy something now – its to be the Canon EOS Rebel .

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