Finally gone to 64 bits !

What you see here is nothing great – just a linux distribution running. So, what the heck am I doing with putting another screenshot up here ?

Well, this is a brand new system. Almost everything has changed. From a 32bit architecture I have moved to the 64bit architecture. From an Intel processor, I have moved to an AMD one. From Fedora , I have moved to Ubuntu.

And the move was rocking – in another way – it rocked my boat. I have never had such a difficult time installing Linux ever before. It seemed that I had one of the chips that is not really being used much, and some alien motherboard. All in all , it was not a straight forward installation – but now I feel great having gotten it done !

For those not interested in technical mumbo-jumbo, I will just describe the above screenshot :-D. This pic was taken at Janjira Fort in Maharashtra. On the desktop you see on the left all my windows partitions mounted so I can access the various stuff I keep there. Also you can see the icon for Google Earth – which runs just fabulous under linux. Right side the tranparent thingys are something you will have to wait till vista becomes available if you are not on linux. Here I have running various small ‘desklets‘ with cpu speed, temp etc. Also am playing some songs ( err. TV is not yet working… ).

For the technically inclined and also for my ref in case I have to reinstall, here’s what to do to get AMD64 Athlon with Nvidia graphics card working.

  • Download the Ubuntu alternative CD.
  • Install in text mode from it.
  • Reboot into safe recovery mode
  • run ‘dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg . Select vesa (nv will be selected). Press ‘enter’ for most screens except where it says something about ‘glx’ . Disable glx on this screen.
  • reboot – viola ! you are in linux
  • Download additional software as your need is.

Next on the agenda to get Neverwinter Nights , my all time favourite game , to run on linux.

Here endeth the lesson for today.


~ by Vibhu on June 26, 2006.

5 Responses to “Finally gone to 64 bits !”

  1. Vibhu, vesa is a fallback mode and you won’t be utilizing any hardware acceleration features at all.Edit your apt-sources list to include universal, unrestricted etc. packages and get nvidia’s binary driver. You’ll obviously need to suitably edit your xorg config file.I doubt how well NWN will run if you use vesa. You will need some kind of opengl implementation – mesa/xorg or nvidia.

  2. Hi Appu, yes. I forgot to mention that. Once everything is up and running, one needs to download the nvidia drivers and whowwweee the speeds are great. hey, any ideas about why my network card may not be working ? After the last update from ubuntu ( 3 weeks or so back ) the internet is just not working from the linux partition.

  3. Hey, I’m actually PAScal from bp :).Which network card do you use now? You might probably have to patch/reconfigure/recompile your kernel if it’s not one of the standard cards that’s supported by default.Around 3 weeks back there was a kernel update. Maybe you just have to check whether the correct kernel + set of modules is being picked up at boot or not.’uname -r’ is the command to let you know the version of the running kernel. Check the directory /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/net to see if you find something that suggests might be the driver for your card.

  4. Wokay. Network back up and now I am typing this from Linux. Seems like the ADSL needs to be configured seperately now on. sudo pppoeconfNo idea why this is a hidden feature?? Earlier it was working fine without any intervention from me. Someone asked me what is the setting I use on my desktop. Theme : HumanWallpaper : One of My picsTaskbar : Transparencies on (around the 1/3 mark from transparent)Others : using gDesklets for the weather etc on the desktop.

  5. By the way (and I left this comment over on one of your Flickr photos as well), try Amarok, the KDE media player – if you’re not a GNOME fanboy or something, obviously ;).It’s really good and has led me to banish xmms from my desktop :).

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