Headlights on for Youth for Equality

This is about the anti-reservation stir, so IF you dont want to be part of it, stop reading now.

Medicos in Delhi has been leading the stir against the govt’s decision for putting more quotas based on caste. From that was born the Youth for Equality group. Many people I talked to on the issue in my office were of the view that “yeah its bad, thank god for no quota in work”. I told them that the quota in job is the next step.

And today evenings news confirms it. The govt has given a deadline of 2 years to Private companies to voluntarily start giving quotas or the laws will change to include that. Do you really want that ?

Now, I’ve been thinking how we can show that we side with the folks at YFE. One way is to go to the rallies. But we may not be able to go everytime , and yet we may want to show our support. I am here in hyderabad – and hardly any movement is happening here. But I want to show my support.

Lets show some light to the govt. Lets show Support for YFE. My idea is a simple one.

Most of us use a 2 wheeler or a car to go to office. I suggest switching on the headlights whenever you ride – its a signal that we are anti-reservations by the govt. in its current form. If you see another person riding with the headlights on – give them a ‘hi’. My aim is to have people realize that there are a lot of more people supporting anti-quota reservations than what one sees in a rally – cause we may not know when the rally is or where , or may not be able to go due to some reason.

So, please pass on the message, and ride with your headlights on.

Death knows no reservations, so why should Life?


  • We have just started an Orkut community for you to register your support. I know – you must be saying “another Community” and rolling your eyes. But this is only for showing that you are in. I don’t even ask you to come and check the posts there – as long as you are riding with your Headlights On, and you let us know about it.

~ by Vibhu on May 22, 2006.

11 Responses to “Headlights on for Youth for Equality”

  1. hey…add me on gtalk as lemon.spray2000…there cud b some discussion on wat u’ve said…and even if there aint…there’s somethin for u as a blogger

  2. i totally support the idea of showing that we support the anti reservation movement. Putting stickers on our cars, house doors, gates lets everyone know what our viewpoint is and also the kind of support the anti reservation movement has among the people. We need to get more publicity.

  3. Hey VibhuRemember me? You met me at FX.I support your initiative and if you want more, I’m a GAME for it. Let’s do that man.so from now on if you see delhi numbered santro (2178), you’ll see that with headlights on.

  4. thanks folks, I am getting a lot of email replies also and people seem to be liking this effort. rajat, there is a MH no plate yellow zma with headlights on also ! Thanks for the support ! I dont know if it will bring out change, the last time around the govt still went ahead with reservations. But this time I dont want to sit twiddling my thumbs.

  5. Lets do it hyderabad also.My head lights are ON.

  6. Yo bro, Nice idea, am supporting it!http://uday.negimaki.com/blog/index.php/archives/2006/05/23/headlights-on-for-youth-for-equality/

  7. Vibhu,Good move, im with you.Lets also plan a bike rally in support of the anti reservation movement.

  8. Hi Vibhu, this is virtualaspirin ;)Thumbs up, headlights on from now on 🙂

  9. hi vibhu,good effort… i support your movement. sure will do switch on my headlights

  10. QS electricals are playing gmaes. So either way I have been riding with my Headlights On for past 1 week. What a co-incidence

  11. guys ,alternatively think of a small comodity that you can give up…easily substitutable like coke with pepsi…and this way even a common man who feels for you cause will be able to join in the protes..this should be a commodity that government supplies..so that we hurt them too.one example can be your telephone..in delhi mtnl….but the question is how many will be willing to make this sacrifice?

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