Youth for Equality – No to Reservations

I remember the first time in my memory that the word reservations took a different meaning than getting a train ticket. And from that time reservations became a ‘dirty’ word. It split the world we lived in. Till that time , the only split was supposed to be studied as part of history as the castes set by Manu. The only divisions were by the British rule of India with their policy of divide et empera or divide and rule. Suddenly we got to know SC/ST/OBC. Suddenly a few of my friends were in this group. Were they different from me ? Are they less capable than me that they needed a different quota to get into reputed institutions ?

Sadly it seems that the politicians in India seem to be doing exactly what the British were doing. They are practicing shoddy policies against which the Indians had revolted. They are practicing divide et empera.

With the proposal of 49.5% reservations in the premier institutions of India, it looks like we are headed for a dark time. Inspite of politicians trying everything to stall India’s growth and not let it be developed, the people took it on themselves to go for it – and now we are a force around the globe – not in the space of arms , but in intellegensia. However, the politicians dont want that – do they ? They are greedy for a bigger slice. They want more votes for staying glued to their chairs. Its true – power corrupts , and in India we have some of the most corrupt people around. Short term goals, long term pains.

Agitation by a few students have started across the country – the first whiffs of mutiny. Maybe this time also it will fizz out like last time. Maybe not. Maybe this time its the winds of change. Maybe its time to right the wrong and remove the malaise of casteism and reservations.

If you wonder how you can help … sign the online petition here.


~ by Vibhu on May 14, 2006.

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