The Essence of the Bagwat Gita

You can also read the abridged english version of the Gita on my website.

* The soul is immortal. It does not take birth. Nor does it die. Nobody can kill you. Then why feel worried? Or fear anybody.

* Whatever happened in the past was for the good. Whatever is happening now is also for the good. Whatever will happen in the future will be for the good too. Hence do no repent over the past. Do not worry for the future. Just think of the present that is in progress.

* What have you lost for which you wee? What is that you brought with you but have now lost? What is there that you produced but has now perished? You did not bring anything to this world .Whatever you have, you had it only here. Whatever you have taken it is from Him, the Almighty. Whatever you rendered it was rendered into His. Empty-handed you came and empty-handed you will go. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. You take delight in the illusion that it belongs to you. Also this illusory happiness is at the root of all your suffering.

* Change is the law of Universe. What you deem as death is, in reality, life. A moment can turn you into a millionaire; another can reduce you to a pauper. Free your mind from such thoughts as ‘this is mine-this yours’, ‘this is great –this petty’ and the shackles that hold you capital will collapse. Then everything will belongs to you and you to everyone.

* Neither you belong to the body nor body belongs to you. The body is constituted by the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and vacuum. After death, it will disintegrate and return to these elements. The soul, however, is eternal and unchangeable. What are you- the soul or the body?

* Surrender yourself to the will of God. He is the best anchor. He who knows about this anchor gets liberated from fear, anxiety and sorrow for ever.

* Dedicate all your actions to God. It will enable you to experience the happiness of a truly Liberated One.


~ by Vibhu on January 27, 2006.

One Response to “The Essence of the Bagwat Gita”

  1. I really appreciate the principles of conduct that you have cited here. I do also agree with the idea of human being’s free will and the purification of the human soul which is the core of his existence.I want just to emphasize the duality principle that governs this world: good/evil, male/female, thought/action, happiness/sadness,soul/body ..etc. It follows that free will entails Devine Will (in what may be called coincidences and accidents ).

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