Mac World 2006 – the 'wow!' factor

For those who don’t know, apart from Microsoft and Linux , there is another operating system called OSX which is from Apple – the company that gave you the iPOD.

Annually , there is an expo which happens called the MacWorld which is based on the company. This years mac world expo’s keynote address can be found at :

And then the ‘wow’ factor starts.

First of all , you will need a broad band connection – as this is streaming video. Once you are set , then only can you enjoy the ‘wow! factor’.

The first thing is the the video quality. Its like you are playing a DVD ! Wow ! I have not seen streaming video to be so good !

And Steve jobs does a great job of achoring the presentation. If you are a podcaster, you will be totally blown away by the ‘garage band’ demo given by steve.

Check it out !


~ by Vibhu on January 23, 2006.

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