There is something about bikes which makes me forget all about the world. I am addicted to video games no doubt – but they are a distant second when it comes to paying homage to the super bikes! Nitin, a friend of mine, has a R6 ( he was a friend of mine even before the R6 😉 ). Dropped into his house after our ride on the highway to Karnal where we met Rahul also ( Well , there were 5 of us. Nitin, Asad and I from delhi, and Rahul and his wife from Chandigarh).

What can I say about the superbikes. You need to see them in flesh and blood. You need to hear their sound. You need to ride them before you can even think about what the bikes are all about.

So, after nitin rolled out his bike from the garage, there was I – posing for a pic with it. Revving it up gently… but I did not ride it, as late in the evening in a crowded locality would not really qualify as a good place for a SBK.

The ride is still pending. Will post about my feelings once I do that. 🙂


~ by Vibhu on December 4, 2005.

One Response to “R6”

  1. Just one word “AWESOME”… This makes me regret my inability to come for the ride even more…. 😦

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