11 years later

Left to right : Deepankar, Nitin, Ashish, Leena, Vibhu.

With Ashish’s bro.

Meeting friends after 11 years .

Ashish had called up to tell us that his bro was getting married, and he would like us to be there. I was not that much interested in the marriage as I was in getting to meet my old classmates. I had met Ashish in bangalore after joining there in WIPRO, and was looking forward to meeting them. Unfortunately not everyone was able to make it to the wedding.

Finally I reached the place in Vasanth Kunj , after spending close to an hour to find the place due to a barrage of weddings on sunday, and the ever helpful police instead of providing good signposts, just did what they could to make things more confusing by making roads oneways, and a very helpful response of “aage chalo” for any questions about the location.

Got to Anand Gardens and met Deepankar and Nitin. There has been a reversal of build. Deepankar who used to be a bit on the heavier side was now lean and trim, while Nitin – the excersise freak was all potbelly with a prosperous look about ! But what hadn’t changed was the attitude. It was still the same as to what it was in school.

Unfortunately, a few other people who were supposed to come could not make it. But still felt good with just the 5 of us there.


~ by Vibhu on November 28, 2005.

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