Lotus Notes Sucks

Caution : This is a rant

In my new company, the company policy is to use Lotus Notes for email ( R5 ). You cannot use a different client. You cannot pop the email – you can just use Lotus Notes. That’s it.

Initially, I used to think that Lotus Notes was cool. In fact, I think that this is one of the few email clients that I have not used ( My list includes Outlook, Evolution (the best one by far), Thunderbird, Netscape, PINE, elm, mail, mailx, Outlook express, kmail, Open Office email). If you ask me … Lotus Notes goes well below the list. On the scale of 1 – 10 , I would rate LN as 1 ( as that’s the lowest I can go). Evolution would be 10, followed by Thunderbird/Netscape and Outlook.

I feel that processes are to streamline things. We standardize on software first and foremost so that the productivity increases – but I get the feeling that most companies are going in for processes and standardization not as a means for making things more efficient but more as a means for getting certifications.

Whenever I bring out the gripe about LN I am told I will get used to it. Funny, in all these years, its only now that I am getting to hear about getting used to something. Maybe something wrong with me ??

That’s the thought I had, so I decided to check out the internet for other people who also use Lotus notes and see if someone finds themselves in the same boat – and here is what I got :

Boy .. do I agree with them all ! 😀 Maybe I am sane after all !

But till the time I will probably have to grit my teeth and try to do the best I can do with this piece of software.


~ by Vibhu on October 8, 2005.

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