BikeNomads turns 3

Bikenomads group is now 3 years old.

Hip Hip Hurray !!!

We have 192 members as of today. May feel quite less when you compare it with other sites, but the amazing part is that the group has grown of its own accord. There were no tie ups with other groups. There was no sensational publicity. There was no shouting our name out at every concieveable opportunity.

There was just this feel of a group which one can call its own. Just a meeting grounds for people to meet up and plan their trips.

Trips – that is the saans or ‘breath’ of BikeNomads. We live so that we can just travel on our bike … or any personal mode of travel. Almost all of us have been given strange stares which seem to say “are you crazy?” before they say “Are you crazy ? Why don’t you go by train or bus or plane??”.

Unfortunately, there is no way we can tell why we do it. Its a feeling – and there is no simple way of saying why we do what we do. All, we can do is offer you a ride the next time we go out.

We have got a website dedicated to bikenomads at . This year, we will be making that a better place for all riders. We want to make it the destination online when people plan to go to a destination on their trusty steeds. For that, I need your help. Help me to make BikeNomads a great place.


~ by Vibhu on September 26, 2005.

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