India on 2 wheels

This blog is being written from Dehradun.

What’s different this time around is that i covered the distance from Pune to Dehradun on my bike. In all I passed through 8 states and covered 3000+ kms, and that is only one way. Unfortunately, I can’t upload pictures from here as the net speed is quite slow.

The route I followed was :

Pune -> Hyderabad -> Pench National Park (near Sioni, MP ) -> Bhopal -> Darrah National Park (near Kota, rajisthan) -> Jaipur -> New Delhi -> Dehradun.

I will be going back also on bike, the route being a different one. The only concern now is that, the further south I will be going, the hotter it will be, which would make riding a bit of a problem.

A note to all bikers and car enthusiasts – avoid MP as much as possible. There are no road there. They may have been there 20 years back, but now all you have is a landscape worse than a lunar one.


~ by Vibhu on March 15, 2005.

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