Just driving through !

Yesterday we went on a drive. The destination was a town called ‘Big Sur’ – which was nothing in itself – the drive was through some very scenic locations.

We stopped by the shoreside and there was this old chapel just off the road.

The seashore was nothing great. Small beaches set admist rocks.

View from the car. Mostly you just can’t stop the car where you would want to. That luxury is not there . Only places where the roads have a big enough shoulder can you stop the car. So, you miss out on most of the picture opportunities that are there as they just whizz past going at 50mph (80kmph). The car which we have has automatic transmission. Now, this is great for most people – but for me and my friend Nikhil (who did most of the driving), it has serious disadvantages – especially on twisting roads. If you really want to know how to drive , get a non-automatic car – or a ‘stick shift’ car as it is called here.

The route we followed was highway 1. Quite scenic. Blue seas … ooops ! That is the Pacific ocean 😀 .

The route goes over quite a few bridges. This is the Bixby bridge … The wind was quite a lot here, and felt quite nice ruffling through my hair.

We went as far as the Big Sur Tourist information center. There are quite a few trails from here if you are interested in hiking around. The fall colours ( or autumn as we know it) are quite nice.


~ by Vibhu on November 14, 2004.

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