Napa Valley and SFO

This Saturday we had gone to Napa Valley (famous for vineyards – hic ! ) and San Francisco (SFO).

It being a holiday, there were a lot bikers on the roads. These 2 harley chaps were chugging along merrily making a huge rukuss on their bikes…

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We took the longer route to Napa – which went through SFO and the Golden Gate bridge. We lost some time in SFO due to traffic and because we took a wrong turn. The city map of SFO came in handy there – and we reached the Golden Gate bridge – which was shrouded by fog ! The interesting part was that the fog was only around the bridge – while elsewhere the sky was clear and sunny !

We reached Napa Downtown around 2 and had lunch there.

Then we went to the different vineyards … for wine tasting. What a missed opportunity for me – since i was the designated driver , and being a non drinker ! For $5 you get to sip 4 differnt types of vines ! The following pics are of Napa…

We only got to visit 2 wineries – Rutherford and Beringer.

Return was also via SFO – though this time we took another route (880 south, 80) into SFO. We reached well after dark and went to union square , before going to Stinking Rose ( its a place where all the food has tons of garlic in it – to keep the vampires away 😉 ).

The following pics are of the ceiling of Stinking Rose !

Returned back around 12:30 am. But that was fun !


~ by Vibhu on November 8, 2004.

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  1. Hey Vibhu … Nice blog … it fun to read it …

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