India is quite an amazing country I think. Where else would you have everyone harping on getting an Italian to become the Prime Minister of India .. and then her refusing to head the government . Politics used to be dull… but this time I am finding it very interesting.

History says it all. Countless generations of foreigners came to india. Made it their home. Ruled it. But ultimately they become indians. The pull of india is just too great to ignore.

Most Indian’s try to flee from India to greener pastures (US/UK/Australia), but I feel that they just have not seen anything in India to want to go across to these other countries. I run a biking site (bikenomads) where we get together on our bikes and tour various parts of india . And the more I see the more I get amazed with the diversity and the colours of India.

India is amazing !


~ by Vibhu on May 19, 2004.

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